Astroknaughts – Random Orbital

Curiousity, exploration, and courage are the driving factors in all of man’s greatest achievements – from Columbus setting out to prove that the world was not flat to Kennedy’s dream of putting a man on the moon. Vikings, pirates, and imperialists have all attempted, and at times succeeded, at conquering such fears, only at the expense of other man. Astroknaughts, however, look to stretch boundaries, and venture into new areas with the utmost respect for the human condition and try to encapsulate that very essence as they cross new ground.

Recorded in 2005-2006, Random Orbital showcases the band’s disgust, discovery and eventual concession of the human spirit. The sounds are harsh, abbrasive, melodic, smooth, and all at once real. Andrew sings of disappointment, Hugo shares his loss, Jesse pours his heart into his playing, and Mike keeps them all together and focused on the end goal: to rock-out interplanetary style.