Escape Goats – Critically Ashamed

We have developed a fresh follow-up to May’s Independent Rocker by some serious research and development in the Put On Your Drinking Cap Studio. With technology sprouting around the studio and creativity nurtured by the smells and brain-sensations of Southern Ontario summer we made an album for ourselves and our fans. Critically Ashamed brings well-seasoned as well as freshly made songs to our listeners, documenting the past and present of our lives inside and outside Escape Goats. Of course you will hear the classic rock songs we continue to write and play but aren’t known for, and you will hear at least one sodden love song. But, you will also be allowed to witness unashamed excursions into guitarland, with only moody keyboards and associative lyrics for company. You will be able to ponder more horrifying introspection into themes like mental illness, the premise of morality and other workaday woes, but entrance to these serious truths will be unavailable to those without a sense of humour. We hope to challenge you with Critically Ashamed. Can you stand the band that refuses to produce typical songs, that uses music to tell you about what’s actually important to them? We’re pretty sure most people will find a song they like on the album, but we hope you won’t make the mistake of wanting to hear more of the same, because every song is different.

– Chris

Escape Goats