Matt Paxton – Hand Drawn Maps

I thought it said best by rising young star Matt Paxton, who, when referring to the Hamilton Music Industry said, “it may be small, but it’s made out of Steel”. Matt then performed a great new song he had written about Hamilton called City of Smoke. Well done Hamilton!!!! Peace, love and music

– Sonny Del-Rio

Paxton offers up a slice of youthful yearning spliced with swaths of a Canadian travelogue. One of the newest additions to the Put On Your Drinking Cap label, Paxton pens pensive tunes of longing, loving and, perhaps, learning on his debut disc, weaving dreamy tales in a wistful breathy tone.


Matt Paxton

20-year-old Matt Paxton writes his haunting songs with a longing for Northern Ontario and says that he likes “writing honest, poetic, canadian lyrics about growing up in Ontario, love, loss, music and art.” Matt plays honest, poetic indie/folk music. Sometimes playing solo with only an acoustic guitar and other times full band sets with his backing band The Mountain. Matt’s debut EP Hand Drawn Maps was released May 1st, 2006!.